intellectual property rightsintellectual property rights

intellectual property rights

“Protecting what belongs to you”

Intellectual property rights have an important role to play in any company. By making optimum use of the possibilities available, you can provide the best possible protection to your products and services. This arms you against your competitors whilst increasing the value of your business.

Protection through registration and agreements
Registering your trade mark, the design or technology of your product can be of crucial importance. We will be happy to advise you on this. Because who actually holds the rights? And the rights to your product idea, corporate logo, advertising campaign or website?

You can prevent any uncertainty by making proper agreements with your partners. These include commission contracts, licensing, agency, distribution and franchise agreements. There are various ways of protecting your intellectual property and we can show you the options, helping you make the right, well-informed choice.

We also advise our clients on the rights relating to information and communication technology. Examples of this might include:

  • negotiating and drafting software contracts
  • compiling general terms and conditions (e.g. for internet sales)
  • establishing domain names
  • privacy

Unlawful publication. What action should you take?
Protecting your intellectual property also involves preventing someone in the media from issuing unlawful publications about your company, products or services. If this happens, it’s important to act fast. We’ll help you choose the right strategy and take action.

Court proceedings
Sometimes it’s necessary to turn to the courts to secure your rights. For instance if your rights have been breached by your competitor copying your trade name or products. Or as a result of unlawful publication and misleading advertising. We’ll work with you to take the action that is required.

Who is the lawyer for you?
Would you like to know more about intellectual property rights? If so, please feel free to contact: Ruby Nefkens or Hylke Klasens.


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