employment law

employment law

"Everything about working, independently or as part of a team"

If market opportunities are increasing for you, you’ll also want your business to grow. This means taking on new employees or deploying staff on a flexible basis. Whatever approach you adopt, you will often face practical challenges:

  • What kind of employment relationship will you choose?
  • What legal implications will that have?
  • How will you record the agreements you make?
  • What rules regarding remuneration apply?

Working together with you as an employer
Van der Steenhoven advocaten ensure that you know exactly what your rights and responsibilities are as an employer.

Dismissals, reorganisations and changes to terms and conditions of employment all call for proper consultation and close collaboration in which the employee participation body (the works council) has an important role to play.

We adopt a proactive approach and deliver results. Practical and creative solutions are characteristic of our working method. With a focus on the company and its staff, we help your transition from the existing situation to where you want to be.

Legal proceedings
Sometimes a legal procedure becomes inevitable. It may involve a conflict at work or a dispute about the non-competition clause, and you and your employee cannot reach agreement. Or perhaps you wish to terminate the contract of employment with an employee. We’ll work with you to take the action that is required.

Who is the lawyer for you?
Would you like to find out more about employment law? If so, please feel free to contact: Ester Kalis, Matthijs Bos, Maartje van Asten, Eugenie ÁgostonMarjon Schlimbach, Anne ArtsLara Groenveld and Sharif Ali

What areas can we help you with?
Employment contracts
Terms and conditions of employment and protocols
Working conditions
Supervision of outsourcing projects
Remuneration and Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act
Collective Labour Agreements
Use of the internet and social media
Law regarding individual and collective dismissals
Pay demands
Employee participation law
Non-competition and business relations clauses
Works Council(OR)
Transfer of undertakings
Engagement agreements
Pension and retirement issues
Pre-employment screening
Severance plans
Social provisions
Directors under articles of association
Agency staff, standby staff and other flexible employment relationships
Employer liability
Illness and returning to work


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