corporate law

corporate law

"Business in its widest sense"

Cooperation is the essence of entrepreneurship. With your partner, management and clients. But also with shareholders and supervisory directors. And with suppliers, financiers and present and future strategic business partners. We know from experience how important it is to embed and protect these working relationships.

Working with you as an entrepreneur
Cooperative relationships are essential for the continuity and success of your business. We can therefore support you in:

  • Establishing legal entities
  • (Re-)structuring legal entities

We do this for private and public limited companies, as well as for foundations and associations. They enlist our services for international and Dutch:

  • funding programmes
  • mergers/demergers
  • takeovers and acquisitions
  • transactions involving assets and liabilities
  • shareholder and management agreements

Preventing and resolving conflicts
We believe it’s important to work with you to find a robust form of cooperation that matches you, your company and your sector. Tailoring to suit your specific needs. This is the only way conflicts can be prevented, in the short and long term.

If you already have a conflict or dispute, for example, an issue relating to liability, within or outside your company, we are the legal partner you need. 

Legal proceedings
Sometimes court proceedings can be the only option. It may involve a dispute with one of your business partners, between shareholders or between the business and the works council. We’ll work with you to take the action that is required.

Who is the lawyer for you?
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