a look at art

a look at art

‘Inspiration’. And taking it from there. That is what connects us to the world of art. Therefore we provide exhibition space in our offices to innovative artists. 

You are welcome to visit an exhibition. To make an appointment, please call +31 20 607 79 79.

Exhibition 1 January 2018 until 29 March 2018
At this moment Nettie Hofkens exhibits her paintings. After years of working as an editor at various lifestyle and fashion magazines, she decided in 2005 to focus entirely on expanding her art activities. In addition to working in a beautiful art gallery in Bussum she spends much of her time painting. To her that is the ultimate way to articulate her feelings. Because of the many layers of paint and other materials her paintings have much depth and structure and the colours get an unparalleled glow. Red is the ultimate colour to express her emotions, but there are digressions to shades of blue and turquoise. Because everyone experiences art subjectively she allows beholders to have their own interpretation of a painting. You decide what you feel, see and experience.


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