Joep (J.J.S.J.) Looze, paralegal


Joep (J.J.S.J.) Looze, paralegal

Joep (J.J.S.J.) Looze, paralegal

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As soon as I heard that studying Law involved so much reading, I was hooked. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), including one semester spent in Madrid. When specializing, I opted for the Master's in Internet, ICT and Intellectual Property Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). The creative and very varied market to which intellectual property law applies really appeals to me. I also find ‘internet law’ and privacy legislation fascinating, because of the ever-developing world of ICT and, of course the importance of everyone’s right to privacy.

As a student, I gained work experience at various places, including with a lawyers’ firm. It was such a positive experience that the legal profession became the logical next step for me. When the opportunity arose to work at such a varied and friendly firm as Van der Steenhoven advocaten, I obviously seized it with both hands.

Giving a brief description of myself is quite a challenge. I have a real passion for languages. Learning foreign languages comes naturally to me. I also have a passion for anything you might describe as ‘comedy’. I enjoy sport, particularly a good football match...with a drink afterwards. Apart from that, I’m always up for a brisk walk in nature.

Areas of focus
Intellectual Property Law and Privacy Law

Master's in Law, specialising in Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT
Bachelor's in Law – VU Amsterdam

Dutch, English, French and Spanish